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Complete Guide on How to Build an AK-47 and AK-74 from A-Z, with Limited Tools

Building your own firearms completely legally has become an increasingly popular hobby, especially in the face of the great shortages from larger manufacturers in recent years. It's a long-standing tradition, too, going all the way back to Colonial USA days.

This step-by-step guide shows that it can be done on a limited budget, and with very limited tools. And done well. All that is needed is a small hydraulic press (such as is used for automobile bearings), a drill press, and hand tools. A few smaller specialized tools can be borrowed or rented, but not always necessary.

AK-47 operation:
Building tools:
12 ton press:
Headspace gauge rentals:
installing underfolder stock:
922(r) legal calculator:

if you need any more help go to
if you make a new account at the akfiles, make sure that you refer me! My username is bfgmovies

I contacted 4-d products about how my gauge came in damaged, and they said it was ok since I didn't cause the damage, so I didn't get charged. I would recommend them if you don't want to buy reamers or head-space gauges but want to build a rifle.

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